Diffly is the first buyer-centric win-loss analysis solution in Europe

Our mission is to help revenue teams win more deals thanks to buyer-centric, reliable and actionable data. Through the combination of SaaS technology & high value services, we reveal the true stories behind every deal.
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We add a new last step to every CRM in the world!

We help our clients create and empower their win-loss analysis with:
  • Regular feedback (because it's automated)
  • Actionable insights (because it's based on decision drivers)
  • Reliable data (because we are a neutral third party)
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Why win-loss analysis?

As serial entrepreneurs, Julien, David and Anne-Sophie founded successful startups in various industries. However, they were facing the same problem over and over : « as a B2B company, you lose around 80% of your deals and you don’t know why. Even funnier, you don’t understand the 20% you win either because you are too busy drinking champagne! »
The fact that many companies pay sales & marketing to create a pipe that doesn’t convert well was a huge aberration for them.
At some point they were wondering: What if we stop guessing and start asking our buyers why they are choosing us or not?
They also realized that best B2B companies were giving this practice a name: Win-Loss Analysis!
Despite the significant added value, win-loss analysis is very challenging to scale only with internal resources. So they created a solution that brings to the market a way that makes this process available to everyone. It was the birth of Diffly!
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Julien Cohen-Roussey
Julien Cohen-Roussey
Co-CEO & co-founder
Ex Chief of staff & Head of Sales at Javelo
David Guillermain
David Guillermain
Co-CEO & co-founder
Ex Co-founder & CRO at Javelo
(exit PSG Equity in 2022)
Ex Head of Sales at Multiposting (exit SAP in 2016)
Anne-Sophie Vasseur
Anne-Sophie Clément
Co-founder & CEO at Javelo
(exit PSG Equity in 2022)
Ex Lead Product & HR at Multiposting
Guillaume Bandet
Guillaume Bandet
Lead Developer Associate
Lead Full Stack at Javelo
Lead Full Stack at SAP
Lead Full Stack at Multiposting