Buyer-centric win-loss analysis solution to win more deals

Close more deals with Diffly's win-loss analysis automation platform. Diffly combines AI technology with services to help you increase win rates, save time, improve Go-to-market strategies and make critical decisions based on reliable data.
Global dashboard of Diffly’s win-loss analysis platform
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Customize your own automation rules

Easily connect Diffly to your day-to-day tools (CRM, Slack, Teams, etc.) and automate feedback workflows, sequences and surveys.

Step into your prospects & clients' mind

Diffly's win-loss platform & service allows you to automatically receive:
• Quantitative surveys
• Qualitative interviews feedback
• From an internal (salespeople) perspective
• From an external (prospects & clients) perspective.
Win-loss analysis platform - Example of a survey collected by Diffly
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Drive your strategy based on regular buyer feedback - not gut feeling!

Thanks to objective feedback aggregation, identify trends about why you win and why you lose deals. Discover your strengths and weaknesses at a glance through efficient and up-to-date decision drivers analysis.

Don’t do “old-fashioned win-loss analysis”.
Do “actionable win-loss analysis”

One-shot research on past data is quickly obsolete and not reliable. Thanks to Diffly platform, you get your buyer pulse in real time through new feedback notification and regular custom summary reports. Implementing action plans at the best timing is the key to successful win-loss analysis.
Win-loss analysis platform - Example of a notification Diffly an send once a new feedback is received

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of Win-Loss Analysis?
Win-Loss Analysis has many benefits and you can focus on one or two depending on your situation and your programs’ objectives. Adopting win-loss will help you improve your buyer decision-making understanding, sales performance, competitors knowledge (so that you can build winning battle cards) and product or service gaps. At the end of the journey, thanks to this reliable data, you increase win rates and customer satisfaction. We don’t even say it, Gartner does!
Why use Diffly rather than doing it internally?
You can of course implement win-loss analysis internally. Diffly’s benefits, on top of time saving, are the following : program manager’s expertise (thousands of interviews performed), objective and transparent insight we get from your buyer thanks to neutral third party, Diffly’s unbiased analysis, outreach automation thanks to Diffly’s product and the access to dynamic notification and custom reports that will help you communicate internally. Your internal resources can focus on acting on win-loss insight rather than focus on collecting biased feedback.
Why do I need a neutral party such as Diffly?
Skilled neutral interviewers make the difference when you want to get objective and open feedback on what makes your prospect choose your solution or not. Our Program managers are able to dig into the topics that had an impact. They are also trained to follow the buyer journey to give a 360° comprehensive feedback on what happened. This allows you to receive reliable insights and take action plans with true impact. All of this in due time and regularly!
What is the cost of Diffly?
Diffly’s pricing is based on the value we bring to you. That is why you get unlimited access to the platform. The pricing depends on the volume of interviews you ask us to perform. It will be a pleasure for us to know more about your context and see if we can help you reach your goals.
How much time do you need to implement Diffly?
The good news about Diffly’s win-loss solution is that you can quickly set it up and leverage it. Implementing Diffly typically takes a few days. We start with a kick off meeting to define program objectives, your decision drivers and the interview guide. Then you just have to configure the platform by setting up your automation rules and let’s start the feedback collection!
Also, we don’t do “classic” win-loss. We do “actionable” win-loss. You get a unique Program Manager and our team works closely with you to ensure you can start leveraging this new habit as soon as possible.
What is Win-Loss Analysis?
Win-loss analysis is a common practice of systematically finding out the reasons why a buyer bought your solution or not. It's about understanding the 'why' behind each deal by conducting qualitative interviews and collecting quantitative surveys. The key idea is to make sure you always stay closer to your most important asset: your prospect and client’s needs. Systemizing this approach will help you improve win rates, sales tactics, product & marketing development and customer engagement.
You can find here who can benefit win-loss the most
What is the new superpower you can get by adopting Diffly’s win-loss analysis?
Diffly helps you step into your buyer’s mind. With this kind of insights, you are able to enable Sales, drive your product roadmap accordingly, build reliable and up-to-date battle cards, use data to improve business performance, increase client retention, identify “at-risk” customer and “upsell” opportunities, boost content effectiveness and secure strategic alignment.
Why is it key to implement continuous win-loss analysis across my organization?
Win-loss analysis is like brushing your teeth. Brushing your teeths helps you get white teeths. Win-loss analysis helps you understand why you lose and why you win. It’s a “never ending story”, exactly as understanding your buyer’s need and creating up to date battle cards.
How can I be sure my data is secured?
At Diffly, we want to be “state of the art” regarding data security. We ensure data encryption, secure their storage and maintain strict access controls. We comply with data protection regulations and all the GDPR rules, ensuring your data is handled with confidentiality and integrity.
Is Diffly complicated to use ?
Diffly’s easy-to-use platform has been thought for win-loss owner but also for salespeople, marketing & product teams that are excited about understanding what their buyers have to say. We also design Diffly for C-level executives that need high-level dashboards and get in one view what makes their company perform and underperform.
Are the insights shared by Diffly really helpful?
Sometimes it’s difficult to find new ideas to optimise your revenue performance. Just a 1% increase in your win rate can have a huge impact on your company. That is why people use win-loss. Diffly’s vision is to focus on THE decision drivers that have an impact.