Step into your prospects and clients' minds

Diffly's win-loss platform and service allows you to automatically receive buyer intelligence data gathered from a relevant mix of interviews and surveys. This process offers continuous and organization-wide clarity on the real reasons behind your wins and losses. Diffly empowers you to make informed strategic decisions.
Diffly’s Win-loss analysis overall - Overview of the survey sent to prospect and decision drivers that have impacted one closed deal
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Get impactful insights from buyers on a large scale

Diffly's win-loss analysis automation tool streamlines the process of gathering real-time feedback from sales reps, prospects and customers. The platform generates a steady flow of insights that stimulate impactful action plans to increase win rates.
Conducting qualitative interviews with your buyers is the most effective way to obtain deep, reliable and valuable feedback once you lose or win a deal.
Impactful win-loss interviews are dynamic and exploratory dialogues, not rigid discussions.
Diffly’s expert program managers meticulously craft interview transcripts and summaries so that they are available shortly after each session
On top of in-depth interviews, Diffly collects quantitative surveys from both your sales and buyers. The mix qualitative/quantitative allows a deeper pipeline coverage to get a full picture of your business drivers.
Diffly’s platform and interview services that are neutral, in-depth and qualitatives
Diffly’s platform - decision drivers that have impacted one closed deal

Get the truth about THE decision drivers that impacted your deal

Diffly gives the decision drivers that had an impact on your buyer's decision and sends you the interview transcript so that you can make a deep "post-mortem" analysis with your team.
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Diffly's neutral approach allows us to fine-tune our Go To Market strategy and increase our closing rates by 30%. Diffly has become vital for our team as each closed deal becomes an opportunity to learn and improve.

Yann Guilleux
Head of Sales @Javelo

Collaborate with win-loss experts

Diffly's Program Managers work closely with your team. They create the interview guide, plan & conduct interviews, analyze results & trends and give you constant strategic insights. Your program manager offers a tailor-made program to make your win-loss analysis project successful.
Successful win-loss analysis is possible with win-loss specialists who knows how to design program, perform qualitative interviews, analyze results. Diffly’s established methodology 1

Easily connect with other platforms

Our system automatically shares win-loss reports and insights across your organization through Slack, Teams, CRM or your own email.

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