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Do you really know why you lose deals?

What your
CRM is saying
What your
buyer is saying
Price or product reasons
Perceived value
Competitors’ best approach
Unfair loss (lobbying)
Follow-up rythms
Lack of professionalism of the sales person
Not-suited proposal

What is Win-Loss Analysis?

All best-in-class B2B companies are adopting win-loss analysis as a best practice to systematically find out the exact reasons why a buyer bought their solution or not.

This process aligns every team with a single source of truth and answers questions such as:
Why did my prospect decline my offer?
Why 30% of my deals go to this competitor?
How can I help my Sales team improve win rates?
How is my marketing messaging perceived by my buyers?
What’s our next feature to win more deals?
Why should you adopt win-loss analysis?

Robust win-loss analysis drives more revenue

of CRM closed-lost reasons
are wrong
increase in win rates for companies that take a more comprehensive win-loss analysis approach (Gartner)
Time to implement
your win-loss program

Diffly is THE platform to help you know why you win and lose deals

CRM integration

Make sure you automatically request feedback on your important deals thanks to CRM integration.

Multi-channel feedback collection

Collect quantitative and qualitative feedback from an external (prospects, clients) and internal (sales team) perspective.
Diffly’s solution : program manager expertise to conduct qualitative win-loss interviews

Proven expertise

Design your win-loss program with your Win-Loss experts and use our neutral third party’s interview services.

Custom dashboard

Understand why you win, why you lose deals and how you can improve your Go-to-market strategies at a glance.
Successful win-loss analysis is possible with win-loss specialists who knows how to design program, perform qualitative interviews, analyze results. Diffly’s established methodology 1

How Diffly helps you

With Diffly, you will benefit from the support of dedicated specialists who assist you in defining, implementing, and executing your win-loss program. Our established methodology ensures you a successful and efficient project with real ROI.
We help our clients create and empower their win-loss analysis with:
  • Regular feedback (because it's automated)
  • Actionable insights (because it's based on decision drivers)
  • Reliable data (because we are a neutral third party)

Win-Loss Analysis aligns every team

"Diffly helps us anticipate churn from our clients. Thanks to their unbiased interviews & surveys, our clients are able to express what is wrong and what is right. We considerably improved customer satisfaction and reduced churn by 30%. On top of that Diffly is a lever to detect upsell opportunities. We now use Diffly on a daily basis to make sure we are fulfilling the needs of our customers"
Victor Alexandrian
COO @Scalability
"Our sales machine has dramatically improved thanks to Diffly solution as we don't rely on false "CRM dropdown-list closed lost reasons" anymore. We now understand why we lose and why we win deals so that we can fix our weaknesses and focus on our strengths. Diffly's neutral approach allows us to fine-tune our Go-To-Market strategy and increase our closing rates by 30%. Diffly has become vital for our team as each closed deal becomes an opportunity to learn and improve"
Yann Guilleux
Head of Sales @Javelo
"Diffly has revolutionized our approach to
positioning and messaging. Their solution as well as their skilled Program manager help us understand and act on the real needs of our target market. It's the tool we were missing"
Anthony Munoz Cifuentes
Head of Marketing @Meeriad
“Since the implementation of the platform, our win rate has increased by 35% and we are now able to make strategic decisions based
on data rather than feelings. Diffly is a game changer tool for us.”
Simon Bouchez
CEO @Reveal
"The easy-to-use platform automatically sets up the whole logistics to get reliable feedback from the prospect & customer perspective. We make sure our product, sales and marketing teams are aligned and that the company stays ahead of the competition. Understanding why we lose and why we win deals is now a must-have for us."
Benjamin Cauchois
Head of Sales @Seiza

How it works?

Step 1
Thanks to CRM integration or Excel file import, define your trigger rules automation, create your surveys and customize your sequences using your own rules and filters.
Learn more about Automate
Win-loss analysis platform - Step 1 “Automate” 1
Step 2
Collect multi-channel feedback
Quickly get a mix of quantitative surveys and high quality feedback collected by our experts. Receive the summary or go in depth by reading the whole transcript.
Learn more about Collect
Win-loss analysis platform - Step 2 “Collect” 1
Step 3
Analyze data
Know exactly why you win and why you lose deals through a clear, custom and filtered-dashboard. Use AI to summarize all the transcripts received.
Learn more about Analyze
Win-loss analysis platform - Step 3 “Analyze” 1
Step 4
Activate the full potential of the platform by sharing insights with your team in one click! Implement the most efficient action plans to close more.
Learn more about Activate
Win-loss analysis platform - Step 4 “Activate” 1
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