Drive your strategy based on regular prospects feedback - not gut feeling

We help you aggregate and streamline the entire win-loss analysis process. You benefit from an up-to-date and custom dashboard that reveals the true reasons behind your victories and setbacks.
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No longer speculate as to why you win or lose deals

Thanks to Diffly, you gain access to a custom filtered dashboard that highlights your winning and losing factors. This analysis must be at the center of each B2B organization.

Win-loss data visualization

The Diffly Platform displays insights, quotes and most significant trends impacting your business. You can analyze the data globally or filter your dashboards on specific product lines, timelines, sales rep, deal sizes, persona, competitor, etc.
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Diffly has revolutionized our approach to positioning and messaging. Their solution as well as their skilled Program manager helps us understand and act on the real needs of our target market. It's the tool we were missing.

Anthony Munoz Cifuentes
Head of Marketing @Meeriad

Bridge your competitive revenue gap

Diffly’s platform helps you understand your competitive landscape and constantly release the reasons behind wins and losses against major competitors. By leveraging prospect feedback, you'll obtain a comprehensive understanding of your competitors and how you can differentiate to win more.